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During the process SCFECO2 there is formed a liquid extract from the solid state of natural herbs. The method is based on the solubility of the substances in the solvent (CO2) in the supercritical state. Main advantages of supercritical extraction in comparison with other methods of extracting herbs:

  • The extract contains no solvent residues
  • The extract is free from any potential heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides in the raw material
  • The extraction takes place at low and stable temperatures

The advantages of the herbal extracts

Herbal extracts produced by method of supercritical extraction using CO2 (SCFECO2) have many benefits in comparison with natural herbs or extracts, which are produced by other technologies. They are free from mechanical dirt. High pressure applied during the extraction breaks all the cell walls of potential microorganisms in the raw material and final product is completely microbially clean. Achieving the similar properties is practically impossible in the natural herbs.

Another invaluable advantage is the purity of the extract from different chemical contamination (herbicides) and toxic substances (molds). There is possibility of working very effective with the extract. After applying the extract to the selected carrier, it is possible to simplify the utilization of herbal mixtures, which allows you to maintain the constant taste and quality of your products over time.

Extracts made by SCFECO2 technology can be used in a wide range of products. Their advantage is a perfect spreading of the extract in the product, the prevention of microbial contamination from natural herbs and temporal stability of the product. Extracts play an irreplaceable role for products, where the visible pieces of herbs are undesirable. There were not found any adverse effects on the final product during the period of use of these extracts.