Biovita Group – Pure cannabis extract for good health and a youthful appearance


Are you looking for a reliable supplier of products from cannabis extract in pharmaceutical quality? Are you planning the use of products for further processing in the food and cosmetic industries? Biovita Group is a Czech producer, processor and supplier of pure extract in the organic quality.

Products are due to processing and composition incomparably more effective and efficient

Cannabis extract achieved the excellent results due to careful control of each life cycle of plants and further processing. We place great emphasis on rigorous control. We use only cannabis grown in the Czech Republic for our production. We grow only certified varieties with low THC content.

  • We control and evolve our own processes and edit all processes that cannabis passes – certified seed, growing our own plants, cleaning and drying herbs.
  • Cannabis extract is made by gentle method of supercritical CO2 extraction under the action of high pressure and low temperature. This broad-solvent leaves no harmful residues.
  • We offer the extract of specific variety of cannabis from 5 varieties and we are testing other 10 varieties.
  • We process raw cannabis extract according to your needs – cleaning, filtration, dilution, etc.
  • We provide the plant in different forms and varieties – dried, classified without seeds and stems.

Products containing canabinoids are due to its effects particularly suitable for the healthcare, food and cosmetic industry. Biovita Group works with professionals in the field of processing and research – research institutes, universities and companies engaged in applied research in the field of agriculture, environment and food. Contact us and provide to your customers all the benefits of the products of the purest extract of industrial hemp.