Cannabis for your production

We are Czech producers, processors and suppliers of pure cannabis extract in pharmaceutical quality in the Czech and Slovak markets.

Raw material for further processing

We supply pure cannabis extract for your quality food and cosmetic production

What does company Biovita Group offer to you?

Cannabis for food purposes

Secure your customers and consumers loyalty and offer them an exclusive product line with CBD oil of the highest quality.

Cannabis for cosmetic purposes

Provide your customers an exclusive healing cosmetics. We will deliver you the most important thing: cannabis extract.

Cannabis extract

CBD oil is, thanks to its high healing potential, the celebrity in the world of cannabis medicine. Take the advanatage of its unique properties.

Why Biovita Group

The whole process of production of cannabis extract is under the strict control from the beginning of life cycle of the herbs through the processing part to the final delivery directly to the customer.


We offer the extract from the green parts of herbs

Products Biovita Group of industrial hemp are the extract of the green parts of herbs, not only of seed, which guarantees a much broader spectrum of derived substances beneficial to the human organism.


We place a emphasis on consistent control

We control the whole process of working with the plant, and that’s why we can offer our customers a superior product of the highest pharmaceutical quality.


We use supercritical CO2 extraction method

Cannabis extract is produced by gentle supercritical CO2 extraction under the effect of high pressure and low temperature. This method leaves no harmful residues. CO2 extracts all of the beneficial substances and…


We provide the extract of specific variety

We currently offer cannabis extract of five varieties of cannabis and we are also testing other ten variteties.


100% Czech production

For our production we use only certified varieties of cannabis grown only in Czech Republic. We also supervise the cultivation of cannabis which is produced without using a synthetic fertilizers, chemical sprays or genetically modified organisms. No import of cannabis from Asia.


We also provide a plant in various forms

We are supervisor of entire process which cannabis passes from sowing to the final product. We supply processed plants according to customer’s requirements – dried, sorted, …

If you are looking for a proffesional and also a supplier in one, than please inform yourself about possibilities of cooperation and use the opportunity of meet and act with the Czech company that supplies the purest extract of industrial hemp in pharmaceutical purity on the market.

Biovita Group

Purest canabis extract for health and beauty

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